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The Crack Thief

Miles Morgan, Dec 05, 2019

For awhile there I wasn't sure I was ever going to be able to take a photo trip again, so this outing with the legendary Ryan Dyar was particularly sweet.  Life has a strange way of swatting you across the face and reminding you of what, and who, is important to you.  In less...

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Miles Morgan, Nov 18, 2019

I tend to have affairs with my images. I finish them up, meet up with them from time to time, enjoy them, fondle them, caress them, maybe take them out to show my most trusted friends. But inevitably it ends… badly. After a few days, perhaps weeks, perhaps months, I...

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Miles Morgan, Nov 13, 2019

Good friend David "DBreezy" Thompson and I departed the buzzing bingo halls of Yuma for the Kofa Mountains with high hopes of a desert bloom of beautiful wildflowers. Inspired by wonderful garden images of this special time by Marc Adamus, Ian Plant, George Stocking, and Ted Gore, it slowly dawned...

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